Cyprinocur ® quick

antibiotic powder for Koi

active substances: tyrothricine 0,5%, clotrimazole 2%

net. weight 5 g

Cyprinocur® quick is an innovative antibiotic powder especially for Koi,

which adheres very well to the fishes skin.


How and when to use Cyprinocur® quick ?

Cyprinocur® quick is used in all cases of inflammations and lesions of the

fishes skin that indicate bacterial and/or fungoid infections.

Do not apply directly to the gills.


How to apply

Simply sprinkle the affected areas with Cyprinocur ® quick.

Don´t dry the area before !

Eventually you may desinfect the wound with H2O2   0.3% before.


NB./Safety precautions :

Do not inhale the powder.

Avoid eye-contact.

If eye-contact happened, wash copiously with clear water.


Do not use on animals in the food chain !

Keep away from children !